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Key Legislative Issues

Jobs and the Economy

One of my most important priorities is to have a balanced budget and a vibrant economy where we create new jobs and keep current jobs from moving out of state. That’s why, for example, I have cosponsored legislation to make LLC formation and operation more affordable.

To have a representative government, I believe it is essential to keep the lines of communication open between state government and the members of our communities.  I want to be responsive to my constituent’s concerns, as well as to their ideas on how to improve the business environment. That is why I initiated a local business roundtable made up of all types of businesses in our community. Together we work at finding innovative ways to strengthen and grow our local economy. An important component of this partnership is to keep businesses informed of current issues and legislation that will impact them.

Higher Education

A goal shared by families in my district and throughout Illinois is to send their children to college. As a former Northeastern Illinois University instructor, I know all too well this has become an even more difficult proposition due to the economic downturn and the rising cost of higher education. As a member of the Higher Education Appropriations Committee, I am dedicated to researching and initiating innovative approaches to help families cover the cost of college.


The Illinois Green Caucus consists of Illinois legislators committed to advancing legislation to protect the health and environment of people throughout Illinois.  As a member of the Green Caucus, I know we share a respect and understanding of the interrelationship between the environment, energy, and the economy.  It is with this understanding that we encourage the use of cleaner sources of energy which will lead to more jobs, lower energy costs, and a healthier, cleaner environment.  I am currently working on legislation to stop the use of a carcinogenic substance called Coal Tar.  Coal Tar Sealant is commonly used to seal our driveways, parking lots and playgrounds.  The substance contains known carcinogens that are running off into our water system and being tracked into our homes. My goal is to replace Coal Tar with an alternative product already on the market that is equal in cost and non-carcinogenic.

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